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Hammerhead Mechanical Breaker


The Hammerhead works on the downward push of your backhoe or excavator boom. As you press down the Hammerhead is preparing itself to fire. When it reaches the maximum stroke (appox. 16") it mechanically triggers a spring loaded 380 lb impact rod and fires a 3000 ft/lb blow into the concrete surface (Click here for 3-D Demo). Although the surface looks to be intact, the blunt impact shatters concrete beneath it, freeing the concrete from rebar. Both can be easily removed and recycled.

The Hammerhead Mechanical Breaker can be operated indoors as well. It produces far less noise and dust than traditional hydraulic and pneumatic hammers. Without the usual hydraulic requirements there are no troublesome seals or nitrogen charges which can leak or cause delays on the job. The noise is also lowered because maximum breaking efficiency is obtained with an engine idle speed of 1000 rpm. This also will reduce fuel costs and air pollution. Because all of the breaking force is transferred to the impact rod through the internal springs, minimal stress or shock is transmitted to the boom of the host equipment, and eliminates extraordinary wear and damage to the boom.


Key Benefits

  • All Mechanical triggering device, less wear and maintenance on parts
  • Low noise and dust just shattered concrete below the surface
  • NO AIR , NO HYDRAULICS necessary, the only self contained, completely mechanical hammer on the market

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