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The Hammerhead II is the fastest most powerful flatwork hammer on the market today. The totally self contained breaker rubblizes concrete at a 45 angle beneath the surface, from the point of impact. Concrete flatwork includes floors, bridge decks, walls, and roadways up to 12" thick. Quickly laying down a 12" to 16" impact pattern means destruction to concrete at an average rate of 3000 square feet per hour.

 The internal springs are loaded by a hydraulic cylinder which cocks the Hammerhead II with 3,350 psi. On the return stroke, the cylinder then trips the trigger mechanism and releases the 400 lb blunt impact rod, fired by two heavy coil springs, together producing a punishing 4000 ft lbs of impact energy.

 The Hammerhead II HB-550 weighs 1135 lbs and runs on minimum flow (8 gpm) and your equipment on idle. The Hammerhead II does all the work while you sit back and watch it feed relentlessly on the whatever gets in its path.

Key Features

  • A single blow Rubblizes concrete reducing labor intensive jobs to fast demolition and cleanup
  •  Demolishes concrete up to 10 times faster and more effective than traditional breaking methods
  • No troublesome seals or backpressure to damage your hydraulic system
  • No nitrogen gas to check or charge as it is not needed for producing the impact power
  • Reinforced foot pad and impact rod to provide long life and easy maintenance
  • Simple operation that impacts and resets automatically
  • Only 3 moving parts, minimizing wear and maintenance cost. (click the link for a 3-D model of the internal parts in motion)
  • Unlike most blunt impact drop (gravity) hammers the Hammerhead II can be fired horizontally without losing its powerful impact.

Demolition of concrete floors, sidewalks, driveways, curbs, bridge decks, retaining walls, pilings, and roadways are many of the applications for the model HB-550 Hammerhead II. Rental Customers and contractors can put the Hammerhead II to work in more ways than ever before.


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